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Cooker #14

Sorry... SORRY!

Those increasingly large apologies are most sincere, I assure you. Three days between my last two offerings and here we are seven weeks later with not a sniff of a #KitchenCooker. Except... here it is. So all that sorry can be completely ignored as I withdraw it (even though it was most sincerely offered)

I reckon there is a spot of rise and fall with this selection. Not meaning a variation in quality as far as I'm concerned... I leave you to be the judge of that. Rather, there is a spread of approaches and musical styles which, perhaps more than usually, reflect recent events. The need to suppress resentment and anger in the face of politics, religion and just plain-old nutty world news is a good excuse to rally music to the rescue. You should be aware that there is much of happiness here as well. Very dearly loved people continue to do wonderful things which enrich my life back to default joy. One in particular accounts for the Thompson Twins track as she PhDees her way into a shiny future.

Please share my mixed emotions but be assured that the sunny side is always there to grab if you have a mind to grab it.

Let's not be sorry at all, eh.

Now click away on the screen capture below, escape my ramblings here and fire up the thruster rockets of Cooker #14. 



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