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A chef + Geoff = Cheoff

OK, I cheated straight away on the ‘Cheoff’ portmanteau. I am a genuine Geoff but there it all breaks down since I regard myself as a cook not a chef!

Let’s reassure you that from here on I’ll be transparent and honest… so will be mostly full of self-indulgent content! I will revel in the delight which close family and friends, food, growing stuff and looking at and listening to the world around give to me.

In a world which remains true to its roots and stays full of turmoil, I wonder at all the elements of stability in my own much smaller existence. With a wife and two sons who have always made themselves easy to love and cherish, I have a wonderful base from which to marvel at my luck. They and so many other people give me their love that I sometimes even think that I might be offering something in return… but, nah, I’ve realised that they are all just very forgiving, charitable people!

If any of the bubbly warmth which they give me comes across in these pages you are most welcome to share it.

"You write so well..."
Prue Leith

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