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Clever, Cheesy, Nibbly... Beware!

This new blogging thing has proved immensely enjoyable for me. Huge thanks to you  for indulging me so far. However, I'm well aware of my expertise in using three or four words where one would suffice, so I'm giving you all a respite session with this short, savoury piece.

Pay attention to this post at your peril. Do not make these... they are the dictionary definition of IRRESISTIBLE!

cheese nibbles.jpg

The clipping was sent to me by my mum many moons ago. There might have been a 'Food & Drink' magazine tied in with the BBC TV series of the early 80s. If so, this was most likely from it.

Once tasted, everyone asks Mum and me for the recipe. My only advice is to make between 30 and 40 balls from the dough and leave room for spreading - they will still be a small, flavour-packed sensation. If you prefer twenty indulgent, biscuity slabs of crunchy Cheddar, then stick to the recipe's instruction.

Oh, that 'Beware!' is a very quiet one. Do make these today. You will come to no harm - other than a desperate desire to make them again tomorrow!

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