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We're Jammin'


Last Christmas was no exception. As usual, I succumbed to the purchase of the bumper-bundle, two week edition of the Radio Times. There are so many on-screen guides available that it is fast becoming an anachronism but, whatever the schedule, it still holds a huge wodge of festive nostalgia for me. After careful insertion into the leather RT cover which came as a gift many years ago, it provides, at the very least, a fine, sturdy surface for thank you letter writing!

The BBC is usually under fire from some quarter but that doesn't stop me adding another of their licensed magazines to my Christmas shop. The December 2014 edition of ‘Good Food’ provided the recipe to which I'm linking here:

Chorizo Jam

Such stuff as bacon jam and bacon and cola jelly have their undoubted merits but the kick of chorizo spice here adds a little more wake-up zing to proceedings.

I made this and tried it out on my family for our last breakfast together before sons and girlfriends headed back to their homes for respite from six day assault on their digestive systems. Served with fried eggs and freshly baked wholemeal bread and toast, it went down a storm.

Meaty, sweet, spicy and tangy combine to leave a delicious, flavour-packed imprint, even in small quantities. This is a really simple recipe with guaranteed success in the taste department. Your only consideration will be which side of chunky or smooth you go to in the food processor.

As post-breakfast goodbyes were said I did a most honourable thing and divided the remaining jam into two portions which were duly transported to Hull and Nottingham homes. This meant that the fleeting delight of a newly found recipe could not be enjoyed again here until I made another batch last week.

Here’s where I must show you one of my amazing Christmas presents from son number one (that’s chronologically speaking… we have two inseparably awesome sons!) and his girlfriend. One hundred 116 ml jars and a custom made Cheoff stamp with tie labels was their obvious hint for me to go into filthy commercial production, cornering the market in quaint, but tasty, tracklements. I have resolutely resisted this suggestion so far!

However, the new-made supplies of Chorizo Jam were ideally suited to storage in half a dozen of these dinky containers. I think they look splendid in the picture. I'm so glad I took it because within days I’d halved the supply by giving jars to friends. I often think some of them have developed a sixth sense which tells them when I've been at work in the kitchen!

I do know that previously mentioned son found at least one good use for the ‘jam’ he took away; here is his baking later in January with a certain spicy topping crowning his rolls!

My remaining three jars are already under attack with small amounts used for a starter course, details of which I'll share here soon. So much flavour in just a spoonful... Chorizo Jam is really worth making!

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