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June 2015 - France: Thursday 11th

Not much of great excitement with this, my first log of our annual French experience. Bear with me - I'll try to inject incredibly interesting content as these reports continue to come in.

On this first day Mrs. Cheoff and I made our way down to softie Southern English haunts to my family home. There, after a spot of gardening in support of a willing but understandably age-challenged step-father we were treated to the efforts of my equally challenged Mum who, at eighty-seven, is just two months younger than her present partner in life. She had planned and reserved enough energy to prepare a chicken, chorizo and red pepper delight which really deserves a recipe here! 

In other words, we get royally treated by two lovely people who totally give the lie to any suggestion that age might wither or dim them. Terrific value for money... no charge! (There is, of course, an unwritten rule that a bottle of Armagnac is unpacked from our 'souvenirs' on returning)

With magnificent foresight I had arranged for a brand new, shiny coffee bean order to be delivered. As you must know, the coffee available across the Channel is largely of a dodgy nature. Best to be prepared. My espresso machine and grinder were already packed - so please don't fear for the quality of my brews while abroad.

This picture shows my choices arrayed in French sunshine. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll leave you secure in the knowledge that we are safely arrived just over an hour from Dover. Our journey, and this blog, will continue next time.

A bientot

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