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June 2015 - France: Sunday 14th

Today was a lazy day with the chance to recover from a couple of long journeys and to consider eating less rich food. We managed the first but discarded the latter idea!

The champagne we bought on the way down had included a Grande Réserve which we opened with Jayne and Barry. I don't know enough about the fizz houses of Épernay and the surrounding area to be able to pick out a bottle with apple, yeast or citrus notes. It's all pot luck in that respect. However, we were advised a few years back to look on the label for the makers registered number. Look for the two letters 'NM' before the numerals and you will have a product on a par with any of the grand marques which perhaps trade on their name for a hike in price. As long as the indication of Négociant Manipulant is there, you can be assured of quality even if you have never heard of the maker.

As to the particular traits of the wine, you will have to go through the hard process of opening and tasting a bottle before returning to the supermarket! The first one we shared had a lovely balance with definite suggestions of apple, which we like. That will mean a trip back to the shops for more before we leave here.

That Grande Réserve worked out at £13.50 and will be brought out back at home for Christmas and special occasions. We've tasted another selection which had pleasant yeasty notes and, since that will cost around £7.25 depending on exchange rates, is definitely on the list for filling in at other times. You know... when your least favourite uncle arrives unexpectedly!

You will now realise why we travel by car and leave plenty of free storage space for our trips here.

We interrupted the Sunday laze with a swim and for supper ate some of the glorious quiche which Jayne insists on leaving for all guests.

Deep, satisfying and full of tasty goodness... just like Jayne!

Finding out that Amazon Prime is inaccessible to us over here, we abandoned attempts to achieve a balance of moods with 'Twelve Years A Slave'. Instead we Youtubed an episode of 'Morse'. Five minutes in I nipped over to a writing pad and scrawled a quick note. I'd completely forgotten the whodunit part but one of the sub-plots was logged in my memory bank. While making a nightcap an hour and a half later, I revealed my words to Mrs. Cheoff... "The drugs are hidden in the wheelchair" 

That's enough of a spoiler for now. The Mamas & Papas will be here in the next post with 'Lundi, Lundi'. I'll get some shut-eye before I get up at whatever time I like because I'm not at work tomorrow! :p

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