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Good friends are on their way to us next week for food and a bit of a catch-up. As usual, I’ve been checking through my file which records previous offerings to our invited guests so that I can ring the changes (or repeat a sound favourite).

In the file was something which I wanted to quickly share with you. I don’t always formalise my menus with a document but this one was prepared for another couple of friends. It says much more about how my mind operates than it does about actual events.

Having said that, every single item which I carefully Microsoft Worded and then prepared made an appearance on the night except for the very final one. Mrs. Cheoff has the eyes of a hawk and can squeeze a scrotum harder than a worry ball. If truth be told, I’m a Scorpio and thus far too jealous and faithful to consider any dalliance outside of marriage.

Here is the document. Sorry, no prices… I’ve never felt competent or cheeky enough to operate commercially.

It’s still perfectly possible that we had more fun on the evening in question than you will have reading this.

... it didn't happen (Your Honour)

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I concoct and finalise culinary diversions for next week’s guests.

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