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Cooker #31

Looks like I set my alarm and didn’t hear it. Anyway, I’ve had a bit of a ‘lie-in’ and gone right through a couple of months without offering even a predictable Christmas Cracker Cooker.

In my defence, this is a part-time gig with a lousy contract that doesn’t include any remuneration that I have to declare to HMRC.

The music was there, just waiting to come out, of course. And here it is. No guarantees that you’ll listen right to the end… but a click on the pic gives you your Starter For Ten (just realised that really is the number of tracks – yay for serendipity!). Proceed with caution.

But always remember I’m doing this for love not money.

*Note to self: Set up crowdfunding page, draft a few pleading paragraphs and investigate tax havens.

Click on pic... music follows

Click on pic... music follows

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