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Iberico World Tapas, Nottingham

Look, I paid for my adult education classes in Spanish... you go and find out what that title means! (I might just give a hint in this review)

Our third time here; always with two sons who now live in Nottingham plus assorted friends.

Service was excellent with well-considered suggestions, explanations and recommendations.

I would gladly give detailed descriptions of the stream of triumphs which arrived at our table. However, the chefs here will not be tied to repetition. You are unlikely to be offered the same dishes as we were. What you will be offered is the same consistent quality of cooking. Flavour combinations and contrasts, textures and finishes are all beautifully judged. This meal was taken at an extremely busy Saturday lunch service. Despite the challenge that gives to a restaurant we enjoyed our best meal yet. This showed the skills of a kitchen which, even under pressure, are on top of their game.

The variety is daunting but the delivery is superlative. So please don’t despair that you can’t squeeze in every creation from starter to dessert in one visit. Relax. Go half a dozen times or more and explore gradually… but prepare to be delighted each time!

My rating is made by comparison with restaurants at which I’ve been offered a similar style of cooking. Iberico is, in my view, understandably not a Michelin starred restaurant… but it is none the worse for that. I give huge congratulations to all who are involved in presenting such great quality. Top notch eating any time you’re in Nottingham.

Just out of interest, what music was being played, I hear you ask… among other tracks I picked out Bonobo, Morcheeba and Aim. You see, even their taste in music is first-rate here!

(OK, OK, let’s put you out of your misery… Estupendo: definition - Que destaca por sus cualidades extraordinarias!)

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