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Viet Garden, Islington

Viet Garden

“Just steer clear…”

Reviewed 17 August 2014

I have little against a restaurant with unprepossessing décor and furnishings. When the food on offer is as nondescript as the surroundings, I do take issue.

I’ll describe the Goi cuon (summer rolls) and then explain why it’s best left at that. These lumps of rubber-wrapped carbohydrate with barely discernible hints of prawn and vegetables and any fresh herbs were dull and lifeless. The dipping sauce which came alongside was a fatty, peanut gloop which did nothing to raise the spirits.

All that followed was ill-judged and poorly cooked. Essentially, there were no hits of vibrant flavour or attempts to create any textural variety.

It is quite a while since I have resented paying the price of my meal. We were with family and friends. Thanks to them we were able to make the best of it and put this down to experience.

Any suggestion that we were being offered authentic Vietnamese cooking would be a travesty.

Please avoid this place - there is much better on offer elsewhere.

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