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Coffee Aroma - Lincoln

Sunday 29th May 2016.

Coffee Aroma

Our second visit. This time I chose a double espresso from a two bean blend and flavours came through well. The filter process I’d tried previously failed to convince me that it had done justice to the beans used.

The quality of beans is assured. I’ve also ordered mine from Has Bean for as long as Coffee Aroma has been established.

So, you are guaranteed an interesting variety of coffee and good advice is available about how it might be prepared.

Then it all falls apart.

Both times we have visited there has been awkwardness in the staff response to our questions and to our orders.

The staff, for the most part, display knowledge and a confidence that things are being done properly with the right equipment. Unfortunately, their way of showing this veers a little strongly towards intensity and dogmatism. I’m all for enthusiasm, but not so much for preaching, whether it’s to the converted or not.

It was unfortunate that, on our recent visit, the bakes we ordered were below par. My Red Velvet cake was essentially a hit of sickly sweetness with very little, if any, suggestion of chocolate or earthy beetroot. My wife’s blueberry muffin had a strange aftertaste which was repeating two hours later. Her hot chocolate was lukewarm and very weak in flavour.

The major disappointment was the lack of an even approach to all customers. A sign for ‘Breakfast Special: Coffee and a Muffin for £3.00’ was displayed on the counter. The customer in front took her order of two coffees and two muffins and was charged £6.00. It was half an hour past midday. Our order included a coffee and muffin but we were charged full price for those (£5.10). When I questioned the pricing, we were told that the breakfast deal finished at noon. I would have accepted that as reasonable. However, when I pointed out that the previous customer had been given preferential treatment there was no offer to explain or justify that decision. You might understand why we did not bother to communicate any of our further concerns about the quality of food and drink we had been served.

I don’t excuse such behaviour. I have no idea what generates it in a business.

If you visit, you will find good coffee, properly prepared. The spaces on the street and on different floor levels are quirky and interesting. I can only judge the food on two examples but they were both a let-down.

Go for coffee which is far superior to anywhere else I know in Lincoln. Prices here match those of much inferior chains so must be viewed as reasonable.

Try Coffee Aroma for yourself. Unfortunately this review marks the end of my association with the place.

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