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#101TTDBNT: Number 6

101 TTDBNT: Number 6 - Read An Insanely Complicated Cook Book

Heck, don't just read one... buy one. If you borrow this type of book from a library there will be so much detail to absorb that you may as well bite the bullet and purchase your own copy. The alternative would be to keep renewing your loan for a twelvemonth at least.

I didn't even have to buy the example of devilishly intricate instructions which I'm promoting here. It was a lovely gift from my son, James. I would call him Sous Cheoff but he is already far ahead of me in cooking skills at a much younger age. Little Cheoff (other son, Jonathan, not the occasional roadside stopping place!) isn't afraid to tackle tasks in the kitchen but chooses not to spend as much time in there.

A few pages are available on the 'Look Inside' feature here. Not the entire book - but you should get the general idea of complication, adventure, precision and eye-watering refinement which await.

The publisher's blurb says most of what needs saying. I put myself in their bracket of 'serious home cooks' who must have this book. 

The essential guide to truly stunning desserts from pastry chef Francisco Migoya
In this gorgeous and comprehensive new cookbook, Chef Migoya begins with the essential elements of contemporary desserts like mousses, doughs, and ganaches showing pastry chefs and students how to master those building blocks before molding and incorporating them into creative finished desserts. He then explores in detail pre–desserts, plated desserts, dessert buffets, passed desserts, cakes, and petits fours.

Throughout, gorgeous and instructive photography displays steps, techniques, and finished items. The more than 200 recipes and variations collected here cover virtually every technique, concept, and type of dessert, giving professionals and home cooks a complete education in modern desserts.

More than 200 recipes including everything from artisan chocolates to French macarons to complex masterpieces like Bacon Ice Cream with Crisp French Toast and Maple Sauce
Written by Certified Master Baker Francisco Migoya, a highly respected pastry chef and the author of Frozen Desserts and The Modern Café, both from Wiley
Combining Chef Migoya′s expertise with that of The Culinary Institute of America, The Elements of Dessert is a must–have resource for professionals, students, and serious home cooks.

I admit to having pored over the descriptions and techniques in this book more than actually cooking from it. There are accessible parts for the amateur but there is an immediate indication that we are in a world rather different to that of Fanny Craddock, Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith. The measurements in this American book discard cups and have very accurate weights given in grams and ounces. There is no other way to achieve the results on show. Precision is the order of the day. The photography reveals what is possible after so much care and attention. You can certainly eat with your eyes even if you don't attempt a recipe.

But with this sort of book on a shelf you will always have the option of tackling something which will challenge and develop you as a cook.

Do consider that option... before next Thursday, please.

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