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Cooker #20

Much consternation as I realise that this is my first post since relying on the magnificent Matthew's guest playlist at the beginning of last month. So let's push out number 20 of my official offerings before the weekend is over. Turn up the volume and you might even escape listening to the dull thud of Monday arriving.

Anyone given The as a middle name deserves sympathetic consideration so the opener here comes from someone who I met a few years back. Mr Don chatted to me for much longer than most people do on first contact but, instead of being grateful for his indulgence, I went back to family and friends and we all made insulting comments about his choice of hairstyle. Terrible, I know... maybe this promotion of his work will see me spend a little less time in Purgatory.

Eleven support tracks to go with your headliner. All courtesy of my ambling and rambling through Spotify.

Delighted to see the latest Rolling Stones album being available so soon and being so darn good. I'll let you find that one... after you've finished listening here, of course. And, of course, thank you for your listening.

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