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Cooker #25

Nothing much going on so I thought I'd shove in a new #Cooker to give a particle of pep to our lives.

Mrs Cheoff says there's a general election taking place today but I'm sure we should ignore her delightfully silly asides and give ourselves over to the music. After all, whatever the result, we'll still all be in a hell of a mess tomorrow.

I say, "Let your ear lobes do the listening."

Right... Mrs Cheoff also says I need to check on my understanding of the  physiology of hearing. Be seeing you!

Cooker #20

Much consternation as I realise that this is my first post since relying on the magnificent Matthew's guest playlist at the beginning of last month. So let's push out number 20 of my official offerings before the weekend is over. Turn up the volume and you might even escape listening to the dull thud of Monday arriving.

Anyone given The as a middle name deserves sympathetic consideration so the opener here comes from someone who I met a few years back. Mr Don chatted to me for much longer than most people do on first contact but, instead of being grateful for his indulgence, I went back to family and friends and we all made insulting comments about his choice of hairstyle. Terrible, I know... maybe this promotion of his work will see me spend a little less time in Purgatory.

Eleven support tracks to go with your headliner. All courtesy of my ambling and rambling through Spotify.

Delighted to see the latest Rolling Stones album being available so soon and being so darn good. I'll let you find that one... after you've finished listening here, of course. And, of course, thank you for your listening.

Cooker - Guest Playlist

Wow... this happened and I am swimming in a sea of sonic smashingness.

Link through this cartouche for immediate transport to a steady stream of Matthew's good taste in music 

Link through this cartouche for immediate transport to a steady stream of Matthew's good taste in music 

The very giving and truly wonderful Mr Moore has come alongside with his own flotilla of fabulously defibrillating tracks.
He came uninvited but softly and with grace. His unexpected offering gives me the glorious chance to share his generosity and spare you, for a while, from another of my own paltry playlists.
I have already spliced my main brace… come and join me on the poop deck and let’s enjoy this together!

Thank ee most kindly, Cap'n Matthew.

Matthew's ability to produce sweet, sweet music from his vocal chords and twanging instrument are being further developed and refined at this very moment. Be assured that a link to his YouTube channel will be forthcoming as soon as it has come forth.

Cooker #19

So much music out there. Well, I say good show for that... and present to you twelve more tracks. All you have to do now is listen, deliberate and decide which of these are keepers and which are sleepers. Ah, yes, and you should also decide which are offensive enough for you to set to with drafting a letter of complaint to me. I can take it.
Thank you for listening. May all your responses save you putting pen to paper.

Cooker #18

It's two Fridays after the last Friday a #Cooker was posted. Time for a refresher course, eh?

I have just given this selection a final ear-test and it was so fine I felt like keeping the whole damn thing to myself. In the end I convinced myself that generosity was the better part of valour and enrolled in the nearest order of chivalry. It appears that my local branch are competing in the ping-pong league at the 'Swan With Two Necks' on Sunday and I'm in the second pair for doubles. Off to check the pimpling on my bat... enjoy the music and wish me luck!

Cooker #17

September is upon us! Octember and Novober are waiting in the wings. I don't need to tell you it's the "season of mitts and yellow truthfulness"... John Keats already did that years ago, didn't he.

In a rare attempt to spare you more ramblings of the above variety, allow me to present another #Cooker. Getting up to number seventeen means that I really need some sort of checking system. Until I'm more organised, please let me know if I'm repeating tracks or dwelling on artists too heavily. Who knows... I might have my very own playlist filing system and tracking device installed before next autumn.

Thanks for glistening!

Cooker #16a... Moore for your money

This is so hot on the heels of Cooker #16 that I'm sure you'll be demanding some very fine reason. Very well.

Mr Moore is a good friend and sometime work colleague of my two sons. I have spoken to him for scarcely more than a half hour on our only meeting. After being so impressed by Matthew's assured manner, perfect politics and jauntily angled cocktail parasol, I vowed to maintain links at a respectable distance on social media... social media which has alerted me to his imminent celebration of the day on which he arrived on this earth. 

I have already tempted, tinted and tainted this young man with my own musical tastes. Here is evidence that he is in deep trouble as he listens to a gentle offering from my beloved Captain 

You are just one click away from spiralling right into Matthew's Spotify splendour

You are just one click away from spiralling right into Matthew's Spotify splendour

What birthday treat for the person who desires nothing but to give his earnest goodness to a waiting world? Aha - more music is the answer. Of course, present giving is best guided by the premise that you should offer something which you would be glad to receive. So, without further explanation or apology, please allow me to send out assembled sounds which I don't mind listening to. I don't mind you listening to them either. But don't you dare do so before the birthday boy has taken his fill... that would spoil the gift, wouldn't it.

Thank you.

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