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Cooker #24

Wow. we* have reached two dozen #Cookers! Of course, I shall be celebrating a couple of 'baker's dozens' when Number 26 comes around... must seize every opportunity to grab a mathematical pattern.

Maths is what music is all about, isn't it. Well, physics, anyway. No, it's more than that, eh. The intervention of inspired people who find ways to jerk us into responses through clever understanding of wavelengths that work.

But hey, those flibbertigibbets have it easy... just recording a few well-arranged sounds. My task is far more onerous than their simple efforts. I have to agonise for weeks on end as to which tracks I should pass on to you. But please, I insist, don't trouble yourselves for too very long with my plight as I thank you for massaging your eardrums with the enclosed.

* Yes... in case you wondered, my 'we' is very royal. I intend returning to the life of a commoner before next #Cooker time!

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