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Chilango, Islington



“No fuss… It’s Mexican food in London. Just enjoy it!”

Reviewed 19 August 2014

My wife and I were taken to the Upper Street venue by our nephew for a late lunch. He is obviously a young chap of uncommonly good taste.

We had the chicken, pork and vegetable burritos. All were packed with filthy, dirty goodness and served by dirty, filthy staff (O K, I kinda put that in for effect - we were served by lovely people with friendly gusto!)

Essentially this is uncomplicated but tasty food. The cooking is formulaic and repetitive - but knowing just what you’re going to get proves reassuring sometimes.
I don’t know if burritos taste much different in Mexico. Ours were hearty, spicy, filling and satisfying.

Good for what it is… hell, two consenting adults could have a romantic assignation here if they had a mind to!

A no frills pit-stop of a place. I wouldn’t be afraid to return. Do remember to take one of their Mexican wrestlers as a side for every main course ordered! ;)

Ah, yes… our nephew took us, didn’t he? Of course, he knows what his auntie and uncle are for. We paid the sensibly priced bill with a smile. It seems he’s also a young chap of uncommonly good economic sense.

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