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The Waffle House, Norwich

The Waffle House

“Our eyes met across a reasonably uncrowded room...”

Reviewed 23 November 2014

Had to pass on by last November because this place was full to the gills with lunchtime eaters. A year after and we popped in for a late morning breakfast before ending our quick return to Norwich (where we met and fell in love forty years ago!)
The food is waffle based (Gasp... Shock, Horror!) and we enjoyed two expressions of latticed loveliness. Mrs. Cheffors went for the fruity, nutty, yoghurty variety while I went all smoky with salmon and bacon with non-smoked scrambled egg. Both plates were tasty and left a good impression. Pot of tea was fine... coffee was just darned awful (where does one get a decent cup of coffee these days!)

Being served by ‘Posh Alice’ was an additional delight.

All in all (apart from the coffee!) just what we wanted. Nothing truly special - but another Norwich venue which we wouldn’t mind revisiting.

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