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Cooker #28

Just back from a rather smashing slightly-less-than-a-fortnight French holiday. You'll have to look elsewhere for further information about that smashingness.

You are here, of course, solely to finger your mouse, tap your touch pad or screen or maybe even massage your mobile and gain access to the latest offering of sounds which scientific research agrees can improve your cooking skills.

So, with a gentle reminder to always be on guard for spurious claims in the culinary world, I leave you to explore number twenty-eight.

Cooker #23

I really have little idea why Theresa May chose to steal my thunder by making her snap election announcement just before this release of Cooker #23. I suppose it must be put down to deliberate spite or her insane jealousy of my extra five years on this planet, which gives me an unassailable lead over her in the fashion stakes.

I leave you to join me in making other malicious inferences until we are corrected by an apology from Downing Street.

While you and I wait for that let's skip back to something more reliable... this here April Cooker.

A father and son Dury duo was bound to appear eventually. Here it is among some not very oft-listened to musicians. Don't put Courteeners in that category. They are here at the request of a former pupil. Thank you for your good taste in music, Kerri... I'm sure I would have discovered them in time.

A demanding track winds up proceedings. How do we enjoy the loveliest of love songs when we know the pain of the person who wrote it?

I'll drag myself back to less complicated things by sending a reminder to our PM to hasten that apology.

Thank you once again for your ears. And do please remember... look both ways before you listen.

Cooker #13

It's a Monday. It's a Bank Holiday. But it's not that one where you have to stay up and watch the end of the snooker final.

Whatever you're doing, whatever you've done (today, I mean... I'm not here to talk about your entire lifespan, you know) here is a cheeky addition to the #Cookers collective. Cheeky for the reason that it is rather close upon the heels of Cooker #12. Please, just go with my generous flow and enjoy a holiday selection with which I am finding it hugely difficult to find fault. Think of this as Cheoff's 'Baker's Dozen'... one more for insurance purposes.

Whether it be a three minute track or an eight minute behemoth from those Madchester men celebrating the Easter story, I am confident that you have here an untarnished cluster of silvery sounds to flap in the face of those final few hours before the return to work in the morning. As an indication of my own enjoyment, allow me to tell you that I have derived as much pleasure from this selection as the successful squeezing of eleven ripe blackheads one after the other. 

Not much left of the long weekend now... I'd best publish this and be damned.

Oh, if you are going back to work in the morning, please message me and remind me what it's like. Being retired for almost five years now means I really miss that feeling! :p

Cooker #12

Here you have the dozenth of my hearing tests. 

A seventeen minute track included, and still I can't offer a whole hour of audio. That does give you the chance to maintain focus on my selection and to give the music a chance to elicit something explicit.

At the very least, I recommend you allow the vestibulocochlear nerve in your inner ear to transmit information to the temporal lobe of your brain.

It was rather lovely to be nudged into releasing this particular episode by the horribly young, handsome and hip Matthew Moore. I freely confess that his Spotify play history provides a few pointers for my own choices. Hey, rush over and find out what he's putting on his intricately tuned turntable... not before you've hit my Cooker #12 link, of course!

Thank you for listening.

Overcooked #1

Occasionally I put together a rather unwieldy set list which demands more time and attention than the average cooking session allows. These usually follow some theme or a particular strand that has been prompted by a tweet, an internet discovery or even a real nudge from a real person who has just found out I've never listened to their particular favourite and is demanding I explore further. I've already posted one behemoth of Sixties/Seventies pop in its pomp. From now on, I'll prepare you for these lengthier aural treats under the 'Overcooked' banner.

Here is an extended bit of listening which came out of reading this Gigwise article rating Mercury Prize winners. I won't bother reacting to the judgements made. The nature of the prize means that there is an annual  outcry, with the protests over snubs given to much more deserving works equivalent to the number of amateur and professional critics who exist at the time (minus those who favour the winner, of course)... lots of fallout. 

So here is the roster of winners with the 'also-rans' conveniently excised for you. All I've bothered to do is assemble and order the music from an already contentious list on your behalf. I still haven't given it my own fullest attention. Why not follow my example and dip in to whatever takes your fancy. Remind yourself of the ones you cheered along and shake your head in dismay as the undeserving efforts rear their horrible heads again.

Actually, in fairness, let us do the right thing and congratulate all the nominees before listening.

Ah, yes, I've added Benjamin Clementine who won in 2015, after the article went out. October and November this year will see the nominations and another winner declared.

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