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No Turkey In This Year's Ice Cream

As usual, the tried and trusted Diana Henry continues to delight. Before her bumper bundle of crowd-feeders appeared recently in the printed and online Stella Magazine I thought I'd planned more or less all for this year's menus. As I got to the last of the recipes I'd determined to store most for future use but I really fancied some of that 'Turkish coffee ice cream' as soon as ever was possible. Its simplicity was over-powering. 

Just one problem. I have not had instant coffee in the house for six years or more. Coffee snob, eh? In my defence I do have a bottle of 'Camp' chicory and coffee essence for baking. Four teaspoons of that replaced the coffee powder ingredient. I discarded Diana's geography suggestion and took things away from the Turkish connection with a freshly pulled triple shot of hazelnut espresso (also kept for baking duties).  The cardamom seeds were steeped in that until cooled. Noting the information that this ice cream is likely to set a little hard, I added 20 grams of liquid glucose to compensate in a small way. 

The bowlful above shows the mix after being churned in the almost frozen bucket used by our ice cream maker. This had seen plenty of recent action with six custard-based mixes and a couple of sorbets already boxed and stored. The gel in the bucket seems to like three days of freezing to be efficient and the coffee mix responded slowly in an impatiently used one and a half day old frosty environment. 

The texture was still convincing but after freezing it does appear firm. I reckon it will be fine with that recommended fifteen (or more) minutes out of the freezer before serving. 

Having had several sneaky spoon licks, the taste which comes through is a fully-fledged bolt-on first prize candidate. If scooping proves tricky I can guarantee that letting it melt to be drunk as an indulgent iced coffee is worth considering. Although carving off a thin slice straight from the freezer and eating it between two thin biscuits would deliver the flavour delight immediately.

Make it. This one is not just for Christmas.

Has Bean - A Grown Up Selection Box

Not just for grown ups. Immediate apologies to anyone with children who already like coffee but I reckon the majority of youngsters were perfectly happy with much stickier, sweeter stuff than this.

It was an early gift, given on the day before Christmas Eve. Having gathered two sons and one of their partners safely in from Nottingham for five days of festivities I was (rather needlessly and reluctantly... oh, go on then) thanked for my driving duties by the appearance of this coffee treat.

A few days before, my Christmas top-up order had already been dispatched. Then I saw that excited tweet from Mr Has Bean, Stephen Leighton. A last-minute additional order beckoned but I managed to fend off temptation by completing a batch of peanut butter caramel truffles with a dusting of cocoa instead!

No wonder Steve was pleased with his creation. The presentation is just delightful and is a perfect tribute to an iconic Christmas tradition flipped into coffee form.

And I got my very own after all. Each product is packed a little smaller than the online order options but the most expensive of them weighs in generously at double any of the others. My favourite bean from Brazil is there, along with three which are new to me. The only problem with such a perfect gift was deciding how long to soak up those lovely, thoughtful design and presentation choices before ripping into the quality contents.

Here are links to what was on offer in this selection:


COFFEE FLOWERS (not beans but worth trying for an interesting infusion... as is their Cascara)





There are always great subscription offers along with the feast of single estate beans and blends to delight in at the Has Bean website. Bear in mind that the list varies as availability changes. Post-Christmas, all links to this selection box now draw blanks. I'm pretty certain it was a terrific innovation only added last December. If it was as well received elsewhere as it was here at 'Cheoff Towers' (son, James, added one for himself!) then it'll hopefully reappear at the end of this year. It might not have quite the surprise impact of 2016 but I'd still love to see a new version. Nostalgia, perfect presentation and great coffees... Excellent!

Must sign off now and email young Stephen to plea for the same in 2017 and ask him why he only has one bean from Brazil available at the moment. Ooh... and I'll pull a shot from my unexpected but very welcome extra espresso supply while I'm at it!

Of course Santa could be a redhead. Wanna make something of it?... cut out the bottom of the box and you can!

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