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Family Favourites - Gunpowder Pot

You all have at least a few favourite recipes which are returned to with the trust that they will continue to deliver. Please tell me that you do... I'm sure I'm not alone.

The turkey carcass is dealt with. Stock has been made. Vegetables were added and we have enough turkey soup in the freezer to feed a small regiment.

Mrs. Cheoff eyed up the excess celery and leeks and took over the kitchen. Yes, I did suffer withdrawal symptoms... no matter. Out came the cutting from a 'Dairy Diary'. The book was offered annually by our milkmen and milkwomen back in years when our front door received an early morning delivery of the white stuff. This recipe was snipped out and saved and definitely steps up as one of our 'Family Favourites'.

It almost certainly appeared in the pages of the diary very close to November the 5th but it is a warmer of winter right the way through. Firework season might be over but like many vegetable-heavy dishes you can still expect a few explosions after enjoying this little cracker... Frrrrp!

From the early 1980s?

No sense lingering. The recipe is here for you. Feel free to make it. And make it one of your own family favourites. 

* Double up the recipe for frozen supplies if you will.

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