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A Special Dessert - Supplemental

I did a bad thing in my last post. Talking about the generosity of another chef and then being all clever and stupid at the same time by refusing to give you fuller recipe details. I should have remembered that stupid always beats clever and doesn't really reflect too well on the perpetrator.

So, in an attempt to drag myself from a self-imposed puddle of shame, may I present to you the whereabouts of the fabulous (yes, I've upgraded its status!) dessert  with which I teased you.

You do still need to buy ALL the David Everitt-Matthias books. You also need to pre-order any future publication of his as soon as it is announced. They are, and will remain, classics. But if you wish to make a start with that pudding you simply need to make 'dessert' your first purchase and turn to page 82.

There; let's draw a veil under my silliness. No... forget the veil. Just grab the ingredients for the sweetcorn cream. Popcorn and caramel probably grabbed you right away but the cream is one element of the recipe which isn't immediately so familiar as an idea. It is a revelation of texture and flavour and you will kick yourself if you don't make it. Tell me if you're procrastinating and I'll come and give you a helpful foot prod as well.

Right - apology delivered. I'm off to prepare a post which will try to describe why this trilogy of books is such a wonderful addition to the worktop of all us amateur cooks. I will agonise about getting that one as convincingly right as possible first time.

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